Saturday, January 28, 2012

The CVOR: Just Another Government Extortion Scheme

To those not involved with the transportation industry or not owning a vehicle registered to carry or tow over 4,500 kg of weight in Ontario, the acronym CVOR probably means nothing. It stands for Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration and according to the good folks from Queens Park it is a program "developed by the Ministry of Transportation as part of Ontario's ongoing commitment to road safety." I had to renew the certificate for my company truck during the week that past, and was promptly charged $250.00.

While, the MTO assures us that this program is designated to somehow improve road safety, there are no further requirements set out for one to get the registration -- apart from filling a 2-3 page questionnaire. There is no skill test, nor does anyone ever check whether the information provided in the questionnaire is correct. However, if one fails to obtain a CVOR and is caught driving on Ontario roads, the fine starts at $325.00.

In essence, this program is an epitome of Keynesian philosophy: private enterprises and citizens are extorted funds which pay for someone's glorified welfare cheque. The CVOR provides no tangible benefit to its holder, nor to the residents of our Province. There are only two purposes that this annually renewable racket serves: it saves a person from the more expensive fine, and it fictitiously lowers the unemployment rate -- a benefit enjoyed by politicians who promise prosperity through increased state intervention.

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