On Totalitarianism

Communist Party Ideological Police Still in Charge

My native homeland, the Republic of Macedonia, is a former member-state of the now defunct Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia -- a puppet state of Communist Moscow. For the past twenty or so years there has been a wide spread myth of the disappearance of the Soviet Union, simply because the Communist Regime in charge of the Soviet Empire repackaged itself. It seems that no one is willing to connect the dots, for instance when they see former KGB chief Vladimir Putin continuing the century-long ideological tradition inherited from Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin. Unbeknownst to the casual observer, the system left in place during the overt existence of the Communist Empire is alive and thriving, at least in my former homeland. Bellow is a report that aims at debunking the myth of the collapse of the Communist system, and ultimately to warn the authorities and populace of my new Homeland to dangers of full-blown socialism when put to practice. 
A Report on the Work and Methodology of the Macedonian Secret Police 
An Examination of Authentic Dossiers (PREVIEW) 

The State Security Service is the Macedonian Communist Party Police, equal to the USSR's KGB. At different times it has operated under different names, but for the purposes of this paper will be addressed as the Secret Police. This is an entity that is frequently mentioned in the writings of the Committee for the Democratization of the Republic of Macedonia (CDRM). It is so because of the enormous influence this agency exerts on everyday life of Macedonian society within the Republic of Macedonia and in countries where Macedonian expatriates reside. In fact, we believe that it is the single most powerful organization in Macedonia. Indeed, in an interview dated October 24, 2010 for Macedonian TV channel ALFA, Božidar Spasić, former head of the Team of the Yugoslavian Secret Police assigned to combat emigrants of Croatian and Albanian ethnic origins, was asked if it is "possible for someone to ascend to power in any of the former Yugoslav republics, i.e. to get elected president or prime minister, if they were not an agent of the Secret Police? Is there anyone in power now in the former Yugoslavian republics that was not your agent?" Mr. Spasič replied: "It is not necessary for someone to have been our agent; however, we had to give our approval! That is what is important." (Source: http://www.vesti.alfa.mk/default.aspx?mId=36&egId=6&eventId=29289)

We, at the Committee for the Democratization of the Republic of Macedonia are aware that no Westerner has had a chance to see the inner workings of the Macedonian Secret Police—or for that matter any one from the former Yugoslavia—for which reason the topic of the human rights violations perpetrated by it remains an abstract issue at best and a total unknown at worst. To remedy that, we have decided to compile this report on the work of the Secret Police. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work that depicts in detail the operation of a Communist Party police to be released in the West.

Two events made this report possible. First, in the year 2000 the Government of the Republic of Macedonia passed the Dossier Disclosure Act, a law that made copies of the dossiers (files) of those operated on by the Secret Police available to them. The law encompassed all dossiers from the formation of the original Secret Police under the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, which was a member-state of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from the end of World War II until 1991, until present day. While the exact number of dossiers, that is to say of persons who had at one point or another been under the treatment of the Secret Police, has never been released, it is estimated that since late 1991—when Macedonia became an independent country that adopted a liberal democratic constitution—there have been approximately 5,000 such cases. For the former period, the estimations vary from 25,000 to 100,000, depending on the source. Amazingly, only a handful of these dossiers have been at the center of any public scrutiny! Meanwhile, Macedonia has never had a population greater than 2,000,000.
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