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Soros’ “Open Society Foundations” Top Man in Macedonia Revealed as a Collaborator of the Communist Party Secret Police

Bess Levin's article Does George Soros Really Want The Ex-Girlfriend Who He Promised An Apartment To Go Away? inspired me to republish an article I wrote and originally published on kotle.ca on August 10, 2011. The really interesting part is that one of persons who benefit the most from the obstructions to the Lustration Law described in my article, former Minister of Police Ljubomir D Frčkoski, was found guilty for assaulting a woman on a parking lot.

The Republic of Macedonia is a country from the former Communist bloc, and a one-time member state of the federation of Yugoslavia. For the past twenty years, since its independence from Yugoslavia, Macedonia has struggled to do away with the last vestiges of the ostensibly abandoned totalitarian Regime. In 2009, under pressure from the European Union, Macedonia’s Parliament adopted a law commonly known as Lustration. This act was envisioned as a means of cleansing the public of the Communist Party Secret Police (CPSP), former officials from the ostensibly abandoned Communist system and the current Oligarchy, by opening the files of the CPSP—which include severe violations of human rights and infringements into private citizens’ lives. Further, lustration envisioned removing all proven collaborators of the CPSP from public posts and positions of influence. Shortly after the law’s adaption, the Macedonian branch of the Soros funded OSF challenged the constitutionality of the most meaningful articles of the Law and managed to block all of them. 

Presently, the breaking news from Macedonia is that the OSF-Macedonia head, Vladimir Milčin (photo below) has been revealed as a collaborator of the CPSP. He is only the third public figure to have been outed by virtue of the castrated Lutstration Law. Of the other two, one is the man who was President of the Constitutional Court when OSF-Macedonia, lead by Milčin struck down the most meaningful parts of the Law.

There is something awfully illogical, irrational, and suspicious in the notion of the rich socialist. Friedrich Engels—Karl Marx’s partner in the greatest crime the world has yet to see: the rationalization of Socialism in the invention of Communism—was the heir of a wealthy multi-national shoe company. “Filthy rich”, self-made “rotten capitalists” who espouse and work to promote socialist ideals are not uncommon in our Western society. The early Twentieth Century saw Communist supporter and exile from Tsarist Russia, Armand Hammer of “Arm and Hammer” baking soda fame, make his wild fortune while he and his father traded with Lenin’s Bolshevik Government. There are the Kennedy’s of course, as well as the likes of Michael Moore. Presently, no one stands equal to the man formerly known as György Schwartz—now George Soros. The American public is familiar with this billionaire as a philanthropist and frequent donor to the Democratic Party. Despite fact that the origin of his formidable wealth is mostly a mystery, being a Holocaust survivor, Soros is a man with a remarkable rags-to-riches life story. He has often publicly stated that his philanthropic efforts are driven from his experience as a Jew in Hungary during WWII: he wishes no person go through the tortures of a senseless, inhumane, totalitarian regime like that of Hitler’s National-socialists. In practice, however, the George Soros funded and controlled “Open Society Foundations” has proven itself a tireless, peerless guard of the last vestiges of that other senseless, inhumane, totalitarian regime of Europe: Communism.

The name of George Soros became known to the Macedonian public during the early years of the dissolution of Yugoslavia. This man was introduced as something of a “rich uncle from America”, donating packages of dry food and school utensils to low income families through the freshly established “Open Society Foundations” (OSF) branch in Skopje [skɔpjɛ]. Before long, the OSF became an influential player in Macedonian politics. OSF-Macedonia, which has an estimated annual budget of $5 million in a country where the annual salary was at best $2,000 in the 1990’s, $5,000 presently—and unemployment rates rage at an official 34%—paid for a whole generation of young journalists, dubbed the “Yugo-nostalgics”, because of their preference of communism over free-enterprise capitalism. This generation of quasi-journalists is currently responsible for the general misguidedness of the Macedonian citizenry of the world that surrounds them; as well as of the misinformation of the world at large about the state of affairs in the Republic of Macedonia. However, the crowning achievement on the OSF-Macedonia’s resume has to be its’ 2010 successful effort in blocking the most meaningful articles of the law commonly known as Lustration for the time period past 1991 in the highest court of the country, the Constitutional Court. Namely, in 2009, under pressure from the European Union, Macedonia’s Parliament adopted a law commonly known as Lustration. The act of Lustration was envisioned as a means of cleansing the public of the Communist Party Secret Police, as well as from former officials from the ostensibly abandoned Communist system and the current Oligarchy, by opening the files of the Communist Party Police; and removing all proven collaborators of the Secret Police from public posts. Additionally, implementation of Lustration is one of the conditions set by the European Union as a prerequisite to membership of the former Communist countries, such as the Republic of Macedonia; thus carrying out Lustration would bring the Republic of Macedonia in compliance with the European Council's Resolution 1.481 to condemn the wrongdoings of the Communist regimes. Again, just like in the case of the “rich socialist”, something is awfully suspicious, irrational, and illogical when an organization that nominally stands for transparency, liberty, and democracy vehemently opposes the only piece of legislation in 20 years that attempts to accomplish just that!

At the same time, if one were to take a closer look at the top brass of the Open Society Foundations in Macedonia, as well as its’ headquarters in New York City, the seemingly illogical behavior of the Skopje branch starts to make a lot of sense. Namely, one Vladimir Milčin (Milchin) heads the Macedonian arm of the OSF since its foundation in the early 1990’s until present day. Mr. Milčin is a long time professor and onetime Dean of the school of drama at the State University in Macedonia—a post granted to him by the Communist Union of Macedonia—as well as long time member of the Central Committee of the Social-democratic Union of Macedonia, the renamed, legal heir to the Communist Union of Macedonia. He came to prominence in 1968, during the Student Protests in Belgrade, when a portion of the Marxist indoctrinated Yugoslavian youth became disenfranchised with Tito’s apparent departure from the core of communism by allowing the theoretical possibility of private enterprise. That is right; Soros’ top man in Macedonia is a Stalinist for whom one of the worlds’ most malignant communist dictators was not enough of a hardcore communist! As a means of remedying their dissatisfaction, rather than sending the dissidents in the concentration camps as he had done during the “Informbiro (Cominform) period” of 1948, cunningly Tito rewarded the Student Protests’ leadership with various illustrious posts, such as university professorships and deanships, awarded them careers as actors, writers and directors. Thusly, Tito gave the protesters what they really wanted—fortune and fame—and hooked them in the Chain of Corruption, thereby making them loyal lapdogs and guardians of the Regime.

Furthermore, when one glances at the names of Milčin’s superiors in the OSF, it is all too plain to see that Milčin is no accidental choice. Beka Vučo, the head of OSF for the Balkans, as well as Sonya Liht the head of OSF Serbia, both are Milčin’s comrades from the 1968 Student Protests. While Milčin was fighting Lustration at the Constitutional Court in Macedonia, my father, Jordan Petrovski—a victim of the abuses of the Secret Police, and an “owner” of a dossier; a political exile from Macedonia and President of the Committee for the Democratization of the Republic of Macedonia—believing that Milčin was acting on his own accord pleaded with Mrs. Vučo to stop the OSF’s action in Macedonia. My father’s letter to Mrs. Beka Vučo made her fully aware of what Milčin’s Constitutional Court action meant: the emasculation of the Lustration Law, whereby no living collaborator of the Secret Police will be revealed to the public, nor can their ill begotten careers be jeopardized. The blockade of Lustration past 1991 would make the entire process meaningless. Vučo’s answer was that OSF headquarters were fully aware of what Milčin was doing, that they were also fully aware of the consequences of his actions and most importantly that they stood firmly behind their man. Because the OSF has played a role in the preventing justice, the victims of the Communist Regime in Yugoslavia/Macedonia living in the US and Canada are actively seeking legal counsel who would assist them in taking the OSF to court in New York state.

Presently, the breaking news from Macedonia is that Mr. Milčin has been “deconspired” (revealed) as a collaborator of the Communist Party Secret Police—the Yugoslavian/Macedonian equal to the KGB. He is only the third public figure to have been outed by virtue of the castrated Lutstration Law. Of the other two, one is the leader of the political party known as Tito’s Left Forces—a coalition partner of the Social-democratic Union—a man who publically denounced the constitutional order of the Republic of Macedonia. The other was the President of the Constitutional Court when OSF Macedonia, lead by Milčin struck down the most meaningful parts of the Law—conflict of interest, anyone?

If one wonders, then, how it was that Milčin was revealed, one needs only know that Macedonian politics is reminiscent of Orwell’s Oceania from “1948”—its’ main purpose is to keep the populace in a constant state of confusion. Namely, Milčin, a man of the Regime, was fallaciously sacrificed as a decoy for the growing dissatisfaction of the public with the Parliamentary pardon granted to six ethnic Albanian terrorists at the request of one of the Gruevski Government’s coalition partners. Milčin is not even being put through the process of being “lustrated”, only compromising parts his dossier were made available to the public—enough to take the people’s attention from other issues. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Soros’ top man in the Republic of Macedonia is a man who has benefited—and still benefits—from the spoils of the Communist Regime!

The OSF website, www.soros.org, states that George Soros is founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations. This, along with the fact that OSF spends several tens of Soros’ millions annually, suggests that Mr. Soros is closely involved in the running of the Foundations. One wonders then, how come the organization founded, chaired and funded by a man who has publically vowed to see no person go through the tortures of a senseless, inhumane, totalitarian regime like that of Hitler’s National-socialists is overrun by hardcore communist who have publically stood for Stalinism? Let us not forget that the National-socialist were not just the ideological brothers of the Communists—as two branches of Socialism—but in practice as well. The Communist Party of Yugoslavia murdered, imprisoned, and displaced several million people—far more than the Nazis did while they occupied the same territory!

Where is the logic in all of this? The Republic of Macedonia has been a bottom dweller of Europe in terms of human rights, transparency and quality of life for the better part of the past 20 years. Its’ closest “rivals” are other former Yugoslav republics. These relatively newly formed countries lead Europe in government-sponsored organized crime in arms, drugs, human trafficking and cigarettes; and perhaps not coincidently these are all countries where the Soros’ funded OSF has a substantial presence.

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