Friday, March 16, 2012

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Holds 14th Annual "Teddy" Awards

Canada is a country where John C. Calhoun's caste division of Taxpayers and Taxconsumers truly applies. While our various governments make heroic attempts to obscure this fact by means of inefficient universal healthcare, subsidized declining education and wasteful farming etc., the innumerable plain welfare programs subsidizing irresponsible living are too much to bare. The most serious of these are of course all the "public service" jobs invented every day, which only serve to make life for Taxpayers miserable. Witness the C.V.O.R. program.

Thankfully, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is here to tell us all about the "worst of the worst in Government greed and graft, fraud and flagrancy." Bellow is the video of the 14th Annual Teddy Awards. "Enjoy":

One of the stupidest programs of the year was the $284 million Agriculture Canada Tobacco Transition Program intended to encourage tobacco farmers to switch their crop to something else by buying out their entire yield of the "killer" crop. The program's result: tobacco farms more than doubled in the wake of guaranteed purchases from the Government. Go figure!

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