Friday, April 20, 2012

Andrea Horwath's Perverted Ideas

It's budget time in our fair Province. A minority government means that there are deals to be made with one or both of the two opposition parties in order to avoid a second election in six months. The self contradictory Progressive-Conservatives have opted to sit this one out as some polls indicate a swing of public opinion in their favor. Tim Hudak, though, shouldn't forget that his party squandered early leads in their last two attempts at dethroning Dear Premier McGuinty (otherwise known as Norman Bates). That's beside the point, however.

Important to us right now is the fact that someone with an even more perverted view of the world--and obviously even less economic acumen--has taken up the task to prop up the minority Liberals in exchange for a bag of goodies: Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath (left).

Just how perverted of a sociopath is this fair lady? Well, one of her demands to the Premier is an inclusion of the "Buffet Rule" in this year's budget: an increase in the marginal tax rates of people earning over $500,000 per year. Her justification: "fairness." According to the NPD leader it is only "fair" that those "more fortunate" in these economically difficult times pay against their will for other people's children's daycare, healthcare and public schooling, public transit, etc.

That's right, according to Horwath it is "fair" to take from "more fortunate" ones (as if their "fortune" had nothing to do with these people's hard work, agility or sacrifice) at the threat of imprisonment (that is to say violence), in order to support those who made less prudent choices. That's right, Mrs. Howarth believes that highway robbery is perfectly fair, despite the fact that the honestly earned property of individuals is forcefully expropriated.

Of course, it is not entirely the fault of the "less fortunate" ones that they are in such peril. After all, they work, as slaves, for the Federal and Provincial governments for about six months every year.

At the bottom of the Ontario budget racketeering negotiating is the inherent flaw in democracy as "democracy" is perceived today: the absolute rule of an arbitrary majority. An ignoramus can get voted in a position of power that requires infinite knowledge, simply because s/he appealed to some public sentiment. In such circumstances of absolutist "democracy" what is popular is confused for what is right.

Horwath's "Buffet Rule" may be popular, since the number of people making over $500,000 per year is undoubtedly small relative to the rest of the population of Ontario. However, to say that it is right to gouge these folks on others' behalf just because a "majority" of people say it is "fair" is just as justifiable as murdering 49% of the population because 51% of the population voted so.

In their current posturing both Horwath and Premier McGuinty claim to be speaking on behalf of the "people of Ontario," which somehow is supposed to include me. Yet, I want nothing to do with their Statist, populist, thieving schemes--but, I have no recourse, except the extreme options of moving out or ceasing to live.

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