Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RE: Exactly Which 'Libertarians' Is This Ignoramus Talking About?

Exactly Which 'Libertarians' Is This Ignoramus Talking About?

Van Jones, the former Obama Administration "Czar" for Green Jobs (Oy!), goes off on a rant against "libertarians." I put the word "libertarians" in quotes because whoever Jones is ranting against here certainly do not fit the description of any libertarians that I know of. (Click on the title to hear Mr. Jones' rant)

Taking "Czar iVan's" argument to its logical conclusion, the freeing of the slaves (any slaves in human history, including the American blacks) constitutes an unjust act of the highest order. For these folks, when enslaved enjoy the "just social benefits" of guaranteed employment, public housing, public education and public healthcare, all of which are denied to the former slave as s/he is granted the opportunity to seek fair compensation under the conditions of liberty.

who is this "great leader of the libertarians" something Norquist?!

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