Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama as Ferus

Isn't this the peak of media hypocrisy? Just in case his policies of paying off the youth don't quite get him their vote, Obama, with his frequent and degrading singalongs aiming at attracting the kiddie vote has totally taken the dignity out of dignitary. In Macedonian vernacular he has brought down the office of President of the US to the level of tavern Gypsy panhandler. In Macedonia, he'd be earning a $20 bill on his forehead for this performance, like maystor Ferus to the left here. In all fairness to the Preezee-deezee (sp? Jimmy Fallon, help me out here) of the United Sleazy, he is all about spreading the wealth around, which in and of itself can only be achieved by bringing everybody down to the lowest common denominator. To make matters worse, at a time when the office of the US President has power to reach in to every pore of life everywhere in the world, this is how people decide who to trust with all that authority:

Don't worry, he might order you killed because the hooker lovers manning the security apparatus adjudge you a "threat to American freedoms," but at least he's super-fly! At this rate, by 2016 Americans will be electing their god-complex infected, all powerful dictators through FOX's appropriately titled American Idol.

Yet does one hear any criticism of this in the media? Not at all. In fact the only person in the American presidential campaign to keep himself dignified, keep strictly to the issues, and act appropriate to the supposed air of the job his running for, and not stoop to the Obama/Romney antics, Ron Paul, is the one represented as the quack!

RE: Jon Stewart

Butler, shame on Jon Stewart again, as here he mocks Ron Paul as the only source of material left in the presidential race.

Only in a dystpoian reality could the one honest, true messenger of the people be regarded as comedic fodder and two Bankster puppets aspiring to wield an iron fist over the American people be considered slim pickings. But what can expect from someone as ingrained in the Establishment as Stewart?

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