Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Establishment's Fear of the Ron Paul r3VOLution

So this little comment and EJP post have been quite the traffic generator for me for the past two days:

Is Fear of Ron Paul Behind the Crazed Fed Speaking Binge?

Earlier today I posted about the incredible number of speeches Fed officials are making this week.

The Big  Petrovski comments, with plenty of justification:
I'm going to be wildly optimistic and say that all these speaking engagements for the Bernanck are a response to the Ron Paul Revolution.
While I originally commented that I was going to be "wildly optimistic," the more I think about it, the more I realize that my statement was not that outlandish. After all I should know better, since I've dealt with a fidgety establishment supported by a scaffolding of lies for the better part of my life.

When a messenger of truth comes along, such as Ron Paul, these sort of establishments panic. Though it seems to me, judging on experience I've had with Eastern European power elites, that the American Establishment grossly underestimated the power of Ron Paul's message. Furthermore, America has not had the same sort of destruction of its best and brightest as had been done in the Communist world upon the regime change.

This, combined with the spirit of Liberty continually flowing through American culture has meant that the US is still fertile ground for a return to Freedom.

The libertarian r3VOLution is a profound one, carried on by the Intelligentsia of tomorrow. The Establishment did not think it necessary to squash it, say in 2008, when it was still just in its infancy, since it seemed as something that could be ridiculed and used in its favor. 

Today, I believe that they have "missed the boat." Young men and women are turning to the ideology of Liberty and Peace because of its solid base in Reason.

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